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Up we go again.

Hill running technique

Some tips on stopping hills becoming a suck fest;

Shorten your stride,

When running uphill-stay compact and put your foot close to your centre of mass this will save you a massive amount of energy by being more bio-mechanically more efficient.

Keep your heels high,

If there’s a time to have a forefoot strike it’s when running up hill, keep your ankles and calf active,

And don’t let your heel go to low, helping save some more energy and lessening strain on the ankle joint.

Foreword into the clutches of the devil;

Running up hill you should lean slightly forward.

Important point to note here lean forward all the way from the ankles not just the hips.

Keep shoulders back chest and back neutral (don’t turn into a humpback) you need maximum air intake.

Woow there, steady on;

Reduce your running pace.

Pace is all about performing at a similar physical exertion level for a prolonged period of time,

Therefor you must reduce pace up hill to maintain a similar heart rate.

Don’t worry about what your Strava looks like (It’ll look a whole lot better if you steady up the pace going uphill by the time you finish !).

Use the Kinetic chain;

No I don’t mean someone at the top pulling you up with a chain !!

Arm motion during uphill running will actually help. Using powerful arm swings will help stabilize your core though the Kinetic chain producing more power to the ground.

Track knowledge

To help with pacing study the elevation profiles or better yet run the course prior to an event.

Smile, relax, breath

Stay relaxed, smile, pace yourself and breath….

Have fun and remember to always become a little #bettereveryday.

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