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Coaching services

We have a long and successful history of coaching in:

Endurance sports like Ultra Running and Cycling

Team sports

Military personnel for specific arduous courses

Competitive Functional Fitness Athletes


Pro 1-2-1 coaching subscription

The most comprehensive coaching service available.

For the ambitious competitive athlete:



Full sports science support to include:


  • Physiological profiling with gold standard assessments, our Elite Athlete Assessment includes, Resting metabolic (RMR) and Active metabolic test, to give medically accurate Kcals usage and goals, training zones, VO2MAX and intensity thresholds. As well as movement screening, strength and power profiling assessments using VBT and video software all to identify any limiting factors in your health or performance. 

  • Blood work to include: blood lactate testing, hormone tests, athlete health blood analysis. 

  • Dual-energy absorptiometry (DEXA) is the most accurate method for body composition analysis trusted by research and elite sports labs across the world.  Personalised training program based around your specific physiology and ambitions, to include everything needed for your sport/activity, customised/changed whenever needed depending upon daily readiness scores and schedule.   

  • Full nutrition support, including testing, analysis and planning.

  • Access to our physio on appointment. 

  • Unlimited coach support (emails, messages)

  • 3x60 1-2-1 coached sessions per month

  • Training camps/workshops.

  • Free competition support, * Coaches’ expenses still applicable

£520 pcm 3 Months Minimum

Bluelight and MOD discount applies 

Ready to reach your potential ?

Crossfit medball through.jpg

Full coaching Package
This package is for the ambitious athlete:


  • Baseline Physiological testing, VO2max, Threholds, Kcal's needed, training zones.

  • On-boarding video call of which prior to, you will be asked to record 10 movement videos 

  • 1-1 Performance Programming for your athletic goals, adjustments wherever needed.

  • Daily contact over WhatsApp.

  • 1 check in review/week.

  • 1 x 60 min call or 121 session per month to refine mindset, goal setting, approach, and overall performance report. 

  • Performance Nutrition guidance, optimising your diet and habits around your training.

  • Video feedback.

  • Programming provided via TrainingPeaks or CoachRX application.

  • Discount on elite athlete testing.

£270 pcm 3 Months Minimum 

Bluelight and MOD discount applies 

Ready to to take your training seriously ?

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