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About Me
Mac McKie BSc (hons) MSc - Sport and Exercise Physiologist 

I improve individuals health and performance with the help of a small team of experts through evidence based practice in all aspects of physical and nutritional interventions. 

​I have a strong military background of 10 years.

I hold the position of Performance Manager for the FRFUK, the national governing body for competitive functional fitness in the UK, making me responsible for the design and delivery of Elite performance pathway from the grassroots of the sport to the Olympic pathway.

For the last 8 years I’ve been taking part in and preparing people for some of the toughest challenges around, from ardours military courses to ultra endurance events, to the iF3 worlds.

To date I have completed 11 Ultra Marathons.


In 2020 I completed a 867mile triathlon consisting of 10 days of running 40 miles per day, after swimming 17 km in open water and cycling 450 miles over 4 days, whilst maintaining full strength in the gym. 

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