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A scientific approach to sport performance
We are the leading privately established human performance centre in the UK delivering detailed, accurate fitness testing and performance analysis to all levels of athletes.


Our science-based field and laboratory testing analyses all aspects of your physiology, your existing training approach as well as your technique.


By identifying your strengths and weaknesses, we can identify exactly how best to reach your goals, whatever your persuit.


Remove the guess work – real individual training = winning results.

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How do we improve your performance?
By understanding your CURRENT performance physiology, you/we can understand how your body responds to your current training programme and exercise in general.

  • Understand your body and how well it works.

  • Know your optimal training zones without guessing.

  • Establish your limits in power and pace training

  • Reducing injury rates and recovery time

  • limit time spent on junk miles.

Whether your goal is to enhance your speed, power, build muscle mass or improve general fitness levels, we’ll be able to establish when your body is at peak performance and create bespoke plans to improve your regime.
Fitness testing can assist with every sport, from achieving the right weight for your class to developing  your performance in competition.
Our on-site running, cycling, swimming, lab and gym facilities also allows us to perform all aspects of fitness testing for precision performance analysis, giving you a performance edge.

The aim – to train smarter, not harder.

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Whats involved:

  • A comprehensive review of your current lifestyle, training regime and gain an
    understanding of your commitments and goals.

  • Test your physical characteristics

  • Measure your weight and body fat

  • Physiological assessments include; peak power output, VO2 max, power to weight ratio, heart rate, endurance capacity, threshold determination

  • Aerobic threshold, lactate threshold and peak, recovery rates and paces.

  • Nutritional targets

  • Movement assessment

  • Gym based strength and power profiling. 


Testing includes an endurance review: approximately 35 minutes on the exercise bike or treadmill in increasing intensity, followed by a 5-minute max test, with incremental ramp testing.
Individual tests – approx. 2.5 hours each.

* If performing gym based assesments please allow for an additional 60 min. 

Full report and consultation on all the above is free. 


During the testing process our team can provide specialist technique analysis for runners, cyclists and swimmers.

Using video feedback, we review your body position and technique while on our treadmill, cycling machine or in the pool.

This allows us to adjust your position for increased comfort, better performance and reduced risk of injury.


We are pleased to have the facilities to provide multiple levels of testing in one place, for a realistic understanding of how your body performs in a duathlon or triathlon competition.
Our facilities include full gym, Rower, Stepper, Crosstrainer, Treadmill, Swimming pool, Wattbike and outdoor running area and recovery sauna.


Other packages

We pride ourselves on delivering testing, training and treatment services of world class quality tailored to you or your teams requirements. We offer the full spectrum of Physiological testing.

For other requirements please get in touch. 

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Nutritional guidance will improve your performance by reducing fatigue, reducing the risk of disease and injury and promoting faster recovery. 
Through balancing energy intake with energy expenditure, an athlete can prevent any form of energy deficit of excess and get the best results from each training session or event.

Our team offers the ability to use a range physiological assessments which can allow us to support you nutritionally. Fuelling for the Work in hand, alongside a strong coaching plan nutritional support will take you to the next level.

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