Consultation Session

​Looking for a helping hand?

  • Specialist Nutrition Consultation: 

Nutritional assessment (90 min)-Includes questionnaires around lifestyle and health. Bodyfat analysis (skinfold and BIA scale), full report with recommendations. ​

  • Sport specific coaching session: 

This may include track session, cycle session, guided run, load baring marching, navigation.

  • Sport specific strength and conditioning:

Includes work inside and outside of the clinic, specific sessions to include techniques to benefit your sport. 

  • Performance or health consultation:

Includes health fitness MOT, full training review, goal setting. 



Tired of switching between diets to find something that works?

Our nutrition coaching is the missing link your looking for. 

Both online, in person or a hybrid of the two, fully personalised. ​


  • Nutritional assessment (90 min)- Includes questionnaires around lifestyle and health. Bodyfat analysis (skinfold and BIA scale in person only).​

  • Initial RMR testing - 25% off thereafter. 

  • Personalised nutritional coaching via SENPRO platform. With support from your nutritionist between consultations.

  • 1 x weekly follow up call.

  • Monthly full consultation.

  • Testing discount of 25%.  


Performance Testing

For maximum optimisation of training, testing is the highest priority.

Packages available:

2h full metabolic testing with RMR (resting metabolic rate) and full report with consultation:

What a test includes:

  • Active metabolic test- also known as CPET/CPEX to assess for strengths, weaknesses, illnesses within the cardio respiratory system or mitochondrial limiters at the muscle. Set training zones based on your unique metabolism. We would use these for training intensities based on sub max and max thresholds, most commonly referred to as VO2 max, VT1/ LT1, VT2/LT2/RCP.

  • RMR only with report:

RMR- Resting metabolic rate- this test is performed none invasively (lying down) within 20 minutes measuring oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in your breath, this is done to calculate your exact calorie usage at rest.

  • Blood Work 

We do offer a full range of blood works also.

Various blood work available.

*The above are vital for both health, performance and also make the time you spend exercising more productive saving you time and effort.

  • Lactate profiling with full report

  • Fuel economy testing

Get accurate fuelling requirements for competitions.                       

  • Full testing day

This includes- Full day of series of tests within our scope of practice. For example, morning spent doing RMR and metabolic analysis, afternoon spent strength, power or movement testing.

  •  Strength and/or power testing with report 

  • Running analysis with report


Complete Coaching

By far the most comprehensive Athlete package outside of professional sports. 

Our Most popular service with athletes


1-2-1 Fully coached option:

Make the most of every session to ensure you're working towards achieving your goals.  

  • 100% bespoke individualised training to meet your needs and aims.

  • After a face/face consultation (either online or in person, location dependent) to discuss your needs, review and analysis of current activity/previous sporting history, an initial plan (ATP) will be created. 

  • Communication is key and regular contact is compulsory to monitor fatigue.  You will receive 1 x weekly 20 min call and have full messaging contact in office hours. ​

  • Event planning. 

  • Brain endurance training (BET)

  • 2 x coached technique or S&C/PT sessions per week in person or over zoom location dependent.

  • Specific training delivered weekly through one of our partner platforms dependent on your needs with unlimited plan adaptations. It's all very well having a plan, but sometimes things need to change to fit in around everyday life. Regular performance and fitness testing to track progress and ensure you are training optimally. 

  • Full nutrition coaching including recipes and daily caloric goals.

  • Testing discount of 25%.

  • Discount on physio services.

  • 12 monthly recurring payments every months end 3 months min 

*RMR and metabolic testing prior to beginning is compulsory (not included in monthly price- test discounted by 25%)