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Triathlon and Adventure racing

Swim, Bike, and Run Faster
Whether it's your first triathlon or you're headed to Kona

Our top triathlon coaches provide you with the guidance and tools to keep you on track, stay motivated, and build fitness throughout the year, so you can show up at your next triathlon completely prepared for a breakthrough performance.

Custom built training plan designed for you


Your personal coach will design a training program that matches your fitness level and is tailored to the distance, terrain, and conditions of the events your focused on.


What's included 

-Physiology (lab), and gym based testing

- Individualised weekly programme (Monthly forecasted)

- Assigned coach

- In person 1-2-1 S&C x2 per month

- phone and message support from your coach 

- Video reviews 

- Nutrition guidance  

- Mental coaching 

- Strategy planning 

- Priority access to training camps

- Navigation training available at an extra cost

Please note all training is based upon initial Lab and gym testing, anything else is just a guess. *Set up fee of £120 Applies for initial consultation and testing. 

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