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A Tac athlete can range from an individual looking to join the armed forces in the beginning of there career, to the preparation of potential members of the UKSF for the extreme rigours of the selection processes and service within the respective teams.

The most bespoke training package on the market normally only available in professional sport, not available anywhere inside the MOD. This pathway is driven by an individuals needs and unrivalled experience in human performance in the preparation of individuals for arduous occupational courses. 

limited spaces available 

Whats included 

-Physiology (lab), and gym based testing

- Individualised weekly programme (Monthly forecasted)

- Assigned coach

- In person 1-2-1 S&C 2x monthly

phone and message support from your coach 

- Video reviews 

- Nutrition guidance  

- Mental coaching 

- Strategy planning 

- Priority access to training camps

- Navagation training avilable 

Please note all training is based upon initial Lab and gym testing, anything else is just a guess. *Set up fee of £120  Applies for initial consultation and testing.

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