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Cookridge Health

The greatest investment you can make is in your health.

Every journey starts with a single step.

Take that step with Cookridgehealth.

Monday - Friday: 9:00am – 7:00pm 

Saturday: 9:00am – 4:30pm


Expert Healthcare

Cookridge Healthcare was founded to fill a gap in private health care and assessments offering affordable and convenient health assessments and follow up care options without compromising on high quality and practice robustness.

Our mission is to remove the guesswork and frustration people experience when trying to improve their health and fitness but fail through a lack of identifying the body's needs.

Before now, the advanced technologies used to assess a person's unique physicality and health metrics were reserved for elite athletes due to limited accessibility or high operational costs. Most people assume this is the case, but they'd be wrong.

Cookridge Health has sourced the best in advanced assessment technologies and made these accessible to everyone so you can uncover what's holding you back. Through these testing methods, we can clearly define how your body responds and what the best strategy is to improve your health and fitness.

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Expert Healthcare

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How it works

Step 1


In our initial consultation, we'll run through some questions to understand your fitness and general health history. We must get your input and first-hand perspective to highlight any concerns you have, injuries or pain you're experiencing when training or in your general movement. Following this, we'll talk you through all the assessments that will be performed to ensure you're happy and what we expect to achieve. Our testing facilities and reporting processes give us the power to create truly bespoke and personalised training plans that eliminate the guesswork which often fails so many. At Cookridge Health our multi-disciplinary team assess your health from multiple angles and create a program that puts you first. We assess where you are starting from and what will make the most difference.


Caring For Life




The four assessment process looks at your body composition, biochemistry, metabolic health and biomechanics or movement. This is done by assessing the combined elements of
muscle density, bone density, fat mass, and intra and extracellular water ratios. Together with how your metabolism functions at rest and during exercise, we can generate clear pictures of health and fitness. The addition of blood work analysis further defines our ability to provide detailed personal recommendations on nutrition, lifestyle and supplements. Then comparing metabolic assessments with our advanced motion lab postural analysis provides extremely clear means to make bespoke exercise prescriptions tailored to specific exercise selection and the intensity and volume of exercise you need.



Posture directly informs us on stress and capacity for physical performance. Our bodies naturally adopt shapes that make us more stable based on how we are responding to our current environment. By objectively assessing posture through a video analysis of your skeleton produced by our motion lab technology we can infer certain biological changes as well as objectively choose exercises that will benefit you most.



Metabolic analysis measures the exchange of gas as you breathe in order to measure the calories you burn as well as the amount of fats and carbohydrates used to produce that energy. This allows for objective analysis of how many calories you burn at rest, stress levels and what type, intensity and volume of exercise will be most effective.



Body composition is an important measurement of success as well as a major indicator for health requirements. Regular assessment of changes in muscle mass, fat mass, bone density and comparison of intra vs extracellular water aids us in understanding how you are responding to the overall program.



Our blood is what carries the messages of life around our body. By looking at key markers found in the blood we can assess nutritional needs and states of health with a greater level of efficacy. We work directly with Omnos who have a bespoke system to assess the combination of symptoms and blood markers to predict likely health states.

Your Personal Private Healthcare Service


Our expert multi-disciplinary team will go through the four assessments step-by-step, highlighting areas to be addressed, what to be cautious of when training and the plan ahead. The bespoke program will be highly focused in response to these results covering exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes. Whether you're on a 1-to-1, or hybrid plan will determine the type of training sessions available, and we will discuss a timetable that works for you. Your dedicated coach is with you every step, from discovery assessment review consultations to post-session chats with your coach and continuous review sessions to ensure you are on track.


A lot can change in 12 weeks, so we reassess your progress by completing the four assessments again. This is to see how your body is responding to the current plan. When making significant changes, monitoring how the body is adjusting is essential. Every person's body reacts differently, so we don't predict or take it for granted, we test again to make sure. Another benefit of retesting is that it allows us to see your progress as you may move forward faster than others; therefore, the training may change in response to this.


Weight loss-Increase energy-Build muscle

Whats included?



  • With 1-to-1 training, you have a dedicated coach who will take you through your journey, supporting you in our training facility and advising you outside the gym. Your sessions will be highly customised and continually reviewed to achieve maximum results.

    • Dedicated coach

    • Testing every 12 weeks

    • 2 in-person PTsessions per week

    • Custom fitness program

    • Custom health program

    • Custom nutrition program



  • Hybrid training allows you to train at home with all your online delivered coaching. You will have monthly catch-ups with your coach to discuss and review your plan to make changes if required. Your assessments will need to be completed at our training facility.

    • Online coaching sessions

    • Testing every 12 weeks

    • 2 in-person PTsessions per month

    • Custom fitness program

    • Custom health program

    • Custom nutrition program

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