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Fortitudine Vincimus

By Endurance We Conquer

Ernest Shackleton 


Reorg-Consultancy - The premier destination for athletes

Driven to provide excellence

 Testing and training all aspects of Human Health and Performance

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I'm Mac, an applied Sport and Exercise Physiologist, I improve individuals health and performance with the help of a small team of experts through evidence based practice in all aspects of physical and nutritional interventions. 

As well as having a strong military background and being founder of Reorg-Consultancy, I am Performance Director for the FRFUK, the national governing body for competitive functional fitness in the UK. I hold a BSc in Sports Performance and an MSc in Sport and Exercise Physiology, as well as being an experienced strength and conditioning coach. 


Reorg-Consultancy exists to make elite level coaching accessible to all.  

REORG consultancy[13109].jpeg

The Tower Clinic
8 Tinshill Lane
LS16 7AP


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The Tower Clinic 8 Tinshill Lane Cookridge Leeds LS16 7AP

CrossFit Rotherham 1 Henley Grove Rd, Rotherham S61 1RS


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