We optimise human performance


Reorgfitness-Performance-Consultancy is for those whom are on journey of self-mastery, those whom dream big.

Our methodology and techniques have evolved from using only evidence based practise.

    Multidisciplinary team of sports scientists, performance coaches, performance nutritionists and sport psychologists.

Our work includes a wide range of elite performers, including elite units from the armed forces and police, elite sportspeople and record-breaking adventure athletes.


We work with athlete/clients from across world with one simple mission, “Excellence”


 Providing world -class  coaching and guidance allowing our athletes and clients to optimize their health or performance.


Be it weight management, Strength, Endurance or Special forces selection or your first 5k or ultra marathon


With well prescribed training and closely looking  at recovery and fuelling. As well as

Brain endurance training through cognitive training. 

Using only science and experience proven methods.


Using data driven and tracked periodized planning we lay out a long, medium and short term plan to get you from now, to, through and beyond your goals.

All about you


We provide high performance training and coaching based  around the individulas own physiology and schedule, progress and aspirations.


Through identification in testing, repairing gaps in your performance.


Every individual has unique physiology.

Training is 

designed for you and you only.


100% personalised ZERO guess work  


Tactical athletes

General PT(Everyday Athletes)

                                        Functional fitness athletes (CrossFit)



                                            OCR athletes


                                          MMA and combat

                                          Adventure race athletes

                                    Extreme endurance athletes

                                      Business persons

                                     Management teams.

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